Thursday, July 16, 2009

Proxify-er Bookmarklet

If you have need of providing proxied links to our databases or articles or any of the resources we have that are not available to the general public, try out my Proxifyer bookmarklet.

The bookmarklet is basically a little bit of javascript that you save just as if it was a bookmark to a web page (or a favorite in Internet Explorer). This particular bookmarklet will allow you to highlight a link on a page and press the bookmarklet and a little window will pop up with the correct proxied URL to use for off-campus folks.

If you don't highlight something a popup box will ask what link you want proxied. And if you want to just have a link to a database (like Academic Search Premier), type in the letters "db" and a space and then put the name of the database you're looking for. So you would type in "db academic search" if you were looking for ASP. A little popup will then give you a list of all the databases that match those search terms, along with their correct links.

You can find the bookmarklet here.

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